Our Philosophy

In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering offers you extensive experience and a business philosophy that are synonymous with guarantee in the construction sector. We specialize in the development of real estate projects, regardless of their technical complexity, whether for developers, municipalities or individuals who want to promote their own lives.

Our company's expertise covers a wide range of engineering, architecture and construction fields. Thanks to our technical and economical know-how we provide you with a concept specifically tailored to all phases of the project.

Our civil engineering area carried out an important activity in the development of transport infrastructure projects, railroads, roads, ports, airports, hydraulic engineering and coastal recovery.

Our involvement is total and absolute from the first moment our services are requested, working closely with the client from the basic project definition, its definition, improvement, study of alternatives, planning, economic study.

We developed the figure of Project manager integrated from the beginning of the project to its final completion. We build with very high quality standards even those building projects that need to be certified under the strict international Passivhaus standard.

Our Services:

  • We plan, coordinate and manage all the bases of your project from a business as well as technical perspective.
  • Development of the organizational structure in the project.
  • Coordination of the parties involved in the provision of services.
  • Supervision.

Our advantages:

  • Financing adapted to your possibilities.
  • The best qualified professionals in the sector.
  • Free, no-obligation quotation.
  • Comprehensive project planning and management.
Construcción e instalaciones


We at In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering offer the management of execution of turnkey and EPC projects, assuming the start-up of the installation and guaranteeing the quality standards and production values. DBB, D&B, EPC, DBO, DCMF and EPCM contracts.

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Construction management

Construction management

With the Construction Management, we develop the activity related to the contracting and execution of the works in greater depth and detail, and manage the coordination between the different contractors as well, maintaining the initially set objectives with the client in relation to quality, cost and time.

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Finance y Project management

Finance y Project management

Buscamos y gestionamos la financiación de proyectos tanto de índole privado como público. Nuestros asociados, desde el campo de la financiación internacional buscan y obtienen los más idóneos métodos de financiación para el desarrollo de proyectos de infraestructuras. Distinguimos los servicios de Gestión de Proyecto, en la que facilitamos al Cliente un equipo profesional de confianza que se constituye como delegación técnica y especializada del mismo. Nos comprometemos con su inversión y sus intereses.

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Actuamos desde la confianza que nos da el profundo conocimiento de los mercados en los que trabajamos y una acreditada experiencia en la provisión de servicios de consultoría de ámbito internacional.

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Ingeniería y arquitectura

Engineering and architecture

We offer our experience in the development of studies, preliminary projects and construction projects, both in architecture and engineering. Our success in project management in the fields of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Architecture is due to the perfect coordination between the different disciplines involved in every project, from its initial management to its construction.

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