Our Principles

Multidisciplinary Company

In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering is a company specialized in the infrastructure sector, which has been supporting its client companies in the processes of business opportunity management, project and investment structuring and financing. From initial management to final construction.

In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering's activities cover the entire investment cycle in engineering, consulting and construction, from technical and economic feasibility studies to the management and operation of the infrastructure built, including, in any of the alternatives, legal, administrative and financial assistance.

In order to provide a global service to our clients, we at In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering are able to perform any task, from the simplest to the most complicated, from the most specialized to the most multidisciplinary.


The situation in our country in the infrastructure sector and its significant decline in activity is forcing the different companies in the sector to innovate. And evidently, and for some years now, any innovation program in the business field incorporates the internationalization of the activity as a strategic option in the medium and long term.

For In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering, internationalization also means a support to the company in this implementation and the services it offers: From the search for new projects or business opportunities linked to public bidding processes or private initiative.

From the management of the inclusion of a national company in the creation of an international consortium of bidding companies. From the search and obtaining of financing as well as studies that support this financing. From the follow-up of the projects in the target countries. From the beginning to the end of a project.

Market research and opportunities:

• Analysis and localization of new project development opportunities.
• Development, completion and supervision during the negotiation process with clients or during the bidding process.
• Locating local partners.
• Formation of multinational consortiums.

Structuring of infrastructure and building projects:

• Study and presentation of bids or offers.
• Control of the follow-up of the awarding procedure.
• Structuring of new consortiums or joint ventures. joint Ventures.
• Study and provision of financing for new projects.


• Locating local partners.
• Analysis and localization of new project development opportunities.
• Development, completion and supervision during the negotiation process with clients or during the bidding process.

Integral Solutions

In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering offers all the necessary services required by the work phases of any investment in the structuring of a project, from the preliminary studies and their structuring, through the projects themselves, consulting, construction management, technical assistance, and operation and maintenance.

We address specific projects in the field of airport, railway, road and highway infrastructures, whether these infrastructures are concessioned or not. The quality, professionalism and experience make us a highly competent engineering consulting for the development of any project under the concept of commitment as a solid basis for our development as managers involved in the generation of new solid projects.

In In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering you will find an experienced partner to develop any type of project. Our team, composed of engineers and specialized personnel, creates innovative and specific solutions for your company.

Distinctive features of In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering:

• Extensive experience gained from consulting on a wide range of projects.
• Team of experts
• Technical and economic expertise applied to all phases of the project.
• Agile structure and minimal reaction time.